The second study compared the performance of square grooves with V-grooves. Bare wood is not as effective. Their major conclusion supports the notion that square grooves give an advantage from wet rough, but very little if any advantage where the clubface itself strikes the ball dry and clean. This is to help promote slight backspin. With more grip on the ball, the square grooves can be a surlyn shredder. It has no top line and discretionary weight is relocated to the sole. Browse Related Browse Related.

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Put some noise in your game! The grip is in good used condition with some tackiness.

Big Big Bang 525cc Beta Titanium Driver

The Storms deep blue finish that fades to black is simply beautiful to look at and gives you the confidence to bangg it and rip it! This is a non conforming head. This might by your standards be a minute effect but in the never ending quest for a golfer to improve his performance and score it should be a welcoming advantage.

Mellow Yellow Beta Titanium Driver. Bang is the newest technology in driving. Try it, you’ll like it. This elegant, Bang original design driver head by Ron Nakagawa is in a perfect pear shape from any viewing angle, and has an illusion of a water drop effect by viewing from heel down to the toe. We have expanded the sweet spot so even the highest handicapper will see dramatic distance gains off the tee!


Long ball hitters are looking for this result in a winning drive. Cheers Happy “Play every shot so that the next one will be the easiest that you can give yourself.

Bang Golf Club Components

I always use actual photos so what you see is what you get. Mellow Yellow cc Driver Available Lofts: In the Grid In the Back Steve d. As the ball spins in the air, it directs more airflow up over the top of it and then downward behind it. Purchase RH or LH 4.

You’ve got to have courage to step up to the first tee with a cc bright yellow driver.

A question still exists on the short irons since I am not a good judge of this at this point in time – we’ll see. Us mere mortals sure can us this slight advantage!! The Bangster cc Driver. CALL or Email patriotgolf gmail.

Review of Bang Big Big Bang (Drivers)

This unfortunately can not be obtained by lenghtening the shaft. The sound is Loud and P It has a graphite Alpha Series, bag flex shaft and th Bangenstein cc Driver Available Lofts: I am not familiar with Bang per se. Counterfeit heads are offered out of China and Korea. Good condition with normal use.


Try hitting a diamond wedge out of wet hard sand and see for yourself! So, What’s the Big Deal? Perhaps the “feel” gives me a sense of better accuracy since I cannot express that in meaningful numbers. Bang Golf Mellow Yellow Driver The Bangster cc Driver Available Lofts: However, I am familiar with non-conforming clubs. Bare wood is not as effective. Bih Yellow cc Driver.