The memory is not dual channel DDR2, just single channel. Battery The Dell D offers great battery life. I last used the Dell Latitude X1 and was quite impressed with the simple non-flashy design. Connecting to a Wireless Local Area Network. For information on the type of wireless network card that is installed in your computer, see Checking Your Wireless Network Card. Memory speed of up to MHz is supported. I have this Dell Latitude D Notebook that I bought from a friend but discovered afterwards that the spacebar, which is part of the keyboard is faulty.

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The Super Pi program simply forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy. Below are the options you get for a hard drive in the D So I recommend boosting memory up to 1GB so it has plenty to share with graphics.

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Clearly when configured with a 2. Pros Great new dark look and industrial design, very good solid build. The hard drive in the D is certainly above par for the average ultraportable. When you have the extended life battery in it sticks out at the front.

Wireless Local Area Network: Dell Latitude D User’s Guide

I am a Nigerian and precisely I am resident in Delta State. Thereafter, whenever you log on to your computer within the range of the wireless network that you selected, the same pop-up notifies you of the wireless network connection. Docking and Expansion Solution With an ultraportable notebook an important part of the equation is knowing how you can use your notebook while at home or in the office.


When you turn on your computer and a network for which your computer is not configured is detected in the area, a pop-up appears near the network icon in the notification area in the lower-right corner of the Windows desktop.

Once you have configured your computer for the wireless network that you selected, another pop-up notifies you that your computer is connected to that network.

I recommend the media base option. Bottom side view larger image. Wireless works well as far as connecting to available wireless networks, but not exceptional.

Dell Latitude D410 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

The keyboard feel and usability is not quite as good as the ThinkPad X41 keyboard, but close. Keyboard and touchpad view larger image.

Built-in wifi is standard on the D, the I like the computer because of its durability and because wirelwss is compact. The order confirmation that you received when you ordered your computer lists the hardware and software that shipped with your computer.

A WLAN is a series of interconnected computers that communicate with each other over the air waves rather than through a network cable connected to each computer. The silver latch on the screen adds a nice finishing touch and professional look.

Dell Latitude D410 Review (pics, specs)

The screen on the D is a Bottom side view larger image Bottom side: If Wireless Network Connection appears, you have a wireless network card. The D has two user accessible memory slots and you can configure up to 2GB of memory.


Left side view larger image Left side: But I really dig a bit of a darker look to a laptop, and the Dell D with its dark charcoal grey and silver finish is rather striking. Sad as it may be, seeing a pointing stick on a notebook is a hook for me. Also, the temperature of the room environment plays a big role in the notebooks ability to cool, so keep that in mind.

But does the target audience of business users need that power? Those that prefer having a touchpad, which the ThinkPad ultraportable series does not have, will likely prefer the D user input options. Verify the type of wireless network card installed in your computer and then search for that name on the Dell Support website at support.

I have this Dell Latitude D Notebook that I bought from a friend but discovered afterwards that the spacebar, which is part of the keyboard is faulty. With its optional 2.