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Alternatively, assuming that you have the latest firmware installed, you can work around this problem by changing the frequency of MIDI commands that the jogwheel sends Jog Trans. You can upgrade at a discount by going to http: Please let me know what I have to do. It appears to be an issue with Denon’s Asio driver being 32 bit and Traktor 2. If you have upgraded to v, you will need to downgrade to v So are you saying that if I buy the full version of Virtual DJ my Denon HC will work properly?

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Traktor Pro 2 (V) not “seeing” Denon Asio Driver | NI Community Forum

I have the Trial version now and I am just controling it using my mouse instead of the HC Then press the MEMO button once more to save and exit. Maybe you should consider submitting a ticket, too, to ramp this up. I will give it a shot. There have been numerous bug fixes to the HC in the v5.


Regards Markus Posted Thu 13 Dec 07 8: It says its linked. Please download and try out the free 20 day trial verison if you haven’t done so already: Everything seems to be working fine, now. Do you already have an account? Download and install the latest firmware from http: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

awio I think we will just have to wait patiently. The firmware can be obtained from Denon http: Last edit by akpa75, Professional edition user on Wed 07 Sep 16 8: I did the NI suggested work around.

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Not that this firmware says it’s a fix for VDJ. DerekPaulMay 20, Posted Thu 06 Dec 07 6: I am using the 6. I don’t really care as I have VJ 5.

To change this value: Apparently its the ‘handshake’ between the two, according to the Denon forum, and we know there is communication between the two dev teams. What are your settings in sound setup?



Below are links for NI’s work-a-round abd Denon’s suggested work-a-round. Posted Wed 12 Aug 09 5: Problem I have is if I go back to asioo 1. I think if the the ‘bug’ results in a software fix to VDJ, we won’t have to wait too long at all, history suggests VDJ fix these things PDQ, However if it means a Denon firmware fix, might be waiting a while Posted Sun 09 Dec 07 2: I hope they patch it soon to work with 1.

Hopefully Denon will upgrade their Asio driver soon. Thanks for the info.

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The default is 3ms. Vibrant tube display with 2-line character text support. I updated Traktor Pro this week to V2. Posted Wed 12 Aug 09 4: