Don’t think of creating constraints inside of software development as necessarily a bad thing. Lesson 24 – Understanding Variable Scope. Challenge 9 – Phun With Strings. Lesson 66 – Package Management with NuGet. Such methods are known as constant-specific methods. We first have to populate the DropDownList with a set of default options. Challenge 4 – Challenge Days Between Dates.

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Lesson 5 – Working with Projects in Visual Studio. Now, the pet type might be one of several different available options: It is not necessary that the set of constants in an enum type stay fixed for all time.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Internally, it is represented by a bit-vector, typically a single long. You can declare the method abstract in the enum type and override it with a concrete method in each constant.

The Card class, above, contains a static factory that returns a deck, but there is no way to get an individual card from its rank and suit.

Lesson 39 – Understanding the.

Lesson 42 – Accessibility Modifiers, Fields and Properties. Lesson 24 – Understanding Variable Scope.

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Lesson 7 – Variables and Data Types. So when should you use enums? We first have to populate the DropDownList with a set of default options. Enum maps combine the richness and safety of the Map interface with speed approaching that of an array.


The feature was specifically designed to allow for binary compatible evolution of enum types. For example consider the planets of the solar system. You may be wondering what the real value is in limiting possibilities in your code. Lesson 66 – Package Management with NuGet.

TIF 53 – ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping): Contributions | CRTC

To demonstrate this, imagine that we’re creating an application that collects information about pet ownership. In fact, it’s often a great thing, in that it helps you to write more robust and error-free code than would otherwise be possible.

The Card class is ennum, and only one instance of each Card is created, so it need not override equals or hashCode:.

For example given the following enum declaration:.

[WS-ENUM] ENUM Status of US Implementation (Gary Richenaker)

That can be accessed via the ToolBox: Solution – Challenge Student Courses. Using Intellisense to See Enum Options Perhaps more importantly, Intellisense recognizes that we have a limited set of options and stops us from using an invalid value at compile time: But appearances can be deceiving. Lesson 34 – Creating Methods with Output Parameters. Lesson 14 – Working with Dates and Times.


Lesson 54 – Understanding the switch Statement. Lesson 30 – Returning Values from Methods. Ebum programming language enums are far more powerful than their counterparts in other languages, which are little more than glorified integers.

Here is an example of a playing card class built atop a couple of simple enum types. Lesson 43 – Creating Constructor Methods.

Lesson 59 – Creating a Database in Visual Studio. Here is the previous example redone using this technique:.

In software development, you want to do all you can to limit or eliminate dependency on open-ended data types like “magic strings”, which are simply string input from users that could be any value. Lesson 40 – Namespaces and Using Directives.