The wall is not required to extend under the projecting element where the building exterior wall is not less than 1-hour fire-resistance rated for a distance on each side of the fire wall equal to the depth of the projecting element. Unprotected openings shall not be permitted for openings with a fire separation distance of less than 15 feet for Group H-2 and H-3 occupancies. The fire-resistance rating of the fire barrier separating building areas from an exit access stairway or ramp shall comply with Section Where openings are required to be protected, fire doors and fire shutters shall comply with Section Nonfire-resistance-rated floor and roof assemblies shall comply with Section

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The required fire resistance of an opening protective shall be permitted to be established by any of the following methods or procedures:.

Fire dampers are not required 16bbw-1/2 penetrations of fire barriers where any of the following apply:. Fire barriers separating control areas shall have a fire-resistance rating of not less than that required in Section Buildings or spaces on both sides of the intersecting fire wall shall assume to have an imaginary lot line at the fire wall and extending beyond the exterior of the fire wall.

A listed smoke damper designed to resist the passage of smoke shall be provided at each point a duct or air transfer opening penetrates a smoke barrier.

Hollow vertical spaces within a fire 16bs-1/2 shall be fireblocked in accordance with Section Flexible ducts and air connectors shall not pass through any fire-resistance-rated assembly.

Air outlets and inlets shall not be located between the detector or tubes and the damper. Doors installed in the enclosures of 16bw–1/2 access stairways and ramps in accordance with Sections andrespectively. Enclosed spaces under stairways shall comply with Section The detector shall be listed for the air velocity, temperature and humidity anticipated at the point where it is installed.


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Floor fire door assemblies in accordance with Section The edges of lugs, brackets, rivets and bolt heads 16bw-/12 to structural members shall be permitted to extend to within 1bw-1/2 inch 25 mm of the surface of the fire protection. The space around penetrating items shall be filled with an approved material to limit the free passage of smoke. The joint shall be sealed, treated or covered with an approved material or system to resist the free passage of flame and the products of combustion.

The instructions shall include, but are not limited to, substrate temperatures and surface conditions 16bw-12 SFRM handling, storage, mixing, conveyance, method of application, curing and ventilation. A material shall not be classified as a noncombustible building construction material if it is subject to an increase in combustibility or flame spread beyond the limitations herein established through the effects of age, moisture or other atmospheric conditions.

For testing requirements, see Section The tests indicated in Sections Corridor walls as required by Section The instructions shall include, but are not limited to, substrate temperatures and surface conditions and SFRM handling, storage, mixing, conveyance, method of 16bw-12/, curing and ventilation.

By the horizontal distance specified in the listing of the electrical boxes.

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Joints made in or between fire barriersand joints made at the intersection of fire barriers with underside of a fire-resistance rated floor or roof sheathing, slab, or deck above, and the egneric vertical wall intersection shall comply with Section Fire-rated glazing assemblies shall be marked in accordance with Tables Shaft enclosures shall have a fire-resistance rating of not less than 2 hours where connecting four stories or more, and not less than 1 hour where connecting less than four stories.


Unprotected openings gsneric be permitted for corridors in multitheater complexes where each motion picture auditorium has at least one-half of its required exit or exit access doorways opening directly to the exterior or into an exit passageway.

Fireblocking of cornices is not required in single-family dwellings. Nonsymmetrical fire-protection-rated glazing systems in fire partitionsfire barriers or in exterior walls with a fire separation distance of 5 feet mm or less pursuant to Section shall be tested with both faces exposed to the furnace, and the assigned fire protection rating shall be the shortest duration obtained from the two tests conducted in compliance with NFPA or UL 9.

2017 Florida Building Code – Building, Sixth Edition

Group I-3 occupancies; and. Walls separating dwelling units in the same building as required by Section Does not connect more than two stories.

The shutter shall be so constructed as to close immediately upon the actuation of a smoke detector installed in accordance with Section Interior exit stairway and ramp enclosures required by Section and exit access stairway and ramp enclosures required by Section shall be permitted to terminate at a top enclosure complying with Section Doors installed across a corridor.

Penetrations in a smoke barrier by ducts and air transfer openings shall comply with Section