Don’t know what that means. Is there a good web sight to purchase a cooling fan for this unit? So to continue from earlier, should you want to try this method, it may help. This will remove most dust from the fan and heat sink. If your hubby knows how to solder, you can try replacing just the power jack.

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I plan to purchase a new Dell and fix these probs in short time and I really believe your site will be of great help. I switched the inverter once before thinking that was the problem. I have it plugged into a power source, the lightsindicate it has power… When I push the power button the blue light around the button lights ocmpaq as well as the ones on the front and then nothing happens no fans no screen…nothing!

Thanks for your excellent site. I have the Compaq f My online research thus far has been completly unhelpful with possible causes ranging from the mother board, to the hard drive, to the battery. I have removed all the screws around but im afraid to pry it open for fear im prying in the wrong spot and will break it.


How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

These wires have snapped on my F Are any of these the motherboard part numbers or should I look somewhere else? Simply follow steps Recovering From The Recovery Discs I hope that I did not destroy my motherboard by doing this. The whole back is loose except for the area around one corner of the fan which seems to be held with a screw from above possibly under the key board? Information and links in compaqq thread may no longer be available or relevant.

Cannot Launch Wlan Do i have to do something else to make it work or are the modules not compatible. It seems like the motherboard.

So, now the power jack is pushed wayyy up in the port. Updating The Bios The laptop is working again. So in my case, the Compaq was a much better buy.

Does the wires connect like the ones on the LEFT side of the picture or… 2. On the home page where the volume is it shows the volume and it just has a red x on it. Back up all personal files and reinstall Windows from scratch using the recovery disc or recovery partition on the hard drive if you have any.


HP Compaq Presario F700 laptop network card drivers

Its working okay so far. Thanks hor this page realy made it a fun XP.

That means the inverter works properly. Not sure if your laptop is one of those. The boards, the guts, everything.

Compaq Presario F – Wikipedia

Table of contents User Guide AC adapter just over 18V, CMOS battery just over 3V, no change on AC only without main battery, tried each memory card in both slots one at a time, tried no memory cards and no HD as previously suggested and no change.

Also my computer has startup problems similar to a car.

The switch activates by a small magnet inside the display panel. Bonjour Parfait sur Pressario F — Pour combien de temps? Preliminary Replacement Requirements