Used, no power cord, untested, will be sold as is. Are LightScribe discs environmentally safe? Can I change a LightScribe template? LaCie USB 2. What version of the OS supports burning LightScribe labels?

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One is never enough: Compress and copy DVD movies. Write a review vaftasdfeyzcwdyavectwzxvfuzd.

LaCie LightScribe Labeler free download for Mac | MacUpdate

May I use my LaCie drive in another country? Can I leave my computer unattended while the LightScribe label is burning?

Does the additional use of the laser in a LightScribe-enabled drive shorten its life? Why is my LightScribe label cut off at the top and bottom?

LaCie External LightScribe DVD Burner Review – Videomaker

Though LightScribe burn time is not short, the LaCie d2 LightScribe dual layer burner is an easy-to-use, inkless alternative that will give you professional results. Video professionals, gamers and space savers are now equipped with the best. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field. How should LightScribe labeled discs be handled and stored? What you see is what ligthscribe will get.


The burner can burn up to 8. How should I clean my LightScribe-labeled discs? Notify me of new posts by email.

Does LightScribe print in full color? It will allow you to put your video projects on DVD, back up important documents and to watch DVD movies on your computer. This link will direct you to the Seagate website. Does the LightScribe imaging process emit any hazardous chemicals? No hinged cover for the dgd as shown. Luckily, Hewlett-Packard invented LightScribe technology, a professional looking alternative to all of the above. This handling capacity is ideal for those who want the most out of their disks.

LaCie External LightScribe DVD Burner Review

The second surprise was with how slick and professional it looked. The media packaging I bought indicates I should check with llightscribe. Yet we continue to see these 5-inch, home-burned optical discs with paper glued to the top of them. Ink printing technology has really come a long way in the last couple of years, but that involves expensive ink cartridges.

Can I leave my computer unattended while the LightScribe label is burning? How should LightScribe labeled discs be handled and stored? Are LightScribe discs environmentally safe? Do it all with the llghtscribe and most reliable burning software for the Mac OS — Toast. I have noticed that, after awhile, some of my LightScribe labeled discs get a whitish powder on them. Utilize the versatile LaCie LightScribe application for silkscreen-quality label creation.


See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Without looking at the included PDF user’s manual, we were able to design a “label” using one of our own photos from a point-and-shoot camera on our hard drive. I removed it from that machine and ddvd it in an external drive case for portabilit Lightscribe Library Update 1. The slightly larger-than-a-bread-toaster red and sliver box contained the silvery-gray burner, a 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable, a USB 2.