However these high figures alone don’t automatically qualify this as a printer ‘Photography buffs’ will want to own. Print quality Our print samples varied considerably. They are also not cheap, costing around 22 for the black and 25 for the colour and they also don’t offer a very large capacity. The high quality mode produced a shadowed effect, making it far worse than normal mode. Those with more confidence in setting up and configuring inkjet printers would be far better off looking at offerings from Canon and Epson.

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Twin paper trays offer extra convenience. Automatic print-head alignment is another feature making this printer easy to setup for the first time user.

Lexmark Z65n Inkjet Printer Review

The Z65n was unveiled with a press release that included such bold statements as ‘Photography buffs will appreciate the superb detail and vivid colour’. Producing the best results so far, skin details showed up very clearly producing an average photo-realistic print. Comparing the same print from the Z65n and the Canon S, the Z65n ink drops are harder to spot. Combined with the high dpi printing this means they won’t last long and the printer will be more expensive than average to run.

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Compatible 82 Black 2-Pack 18LE Ink for Lexmark Z65n Colour Jet Yz6Mq5ci

Nikon D Review 3 Nov The footprint of the Lexmark is reasonably compact and the paper trays and holders fold up well.


The same print with Canon Photo Paper pro produced vibrant colours and a higher level of contrast. The printer driver uses the same system as other Lexmark printers we’ve seen and it is sensibly laid out. In designing this printer Lexmark have looked beyond print quality issues and paid attention to other features users could benefit from. Yet a disturbing feature of the Z65n was the amount of detail being lost in the red area of the boys clothing shown above.

Their Accu-feed technology aims to keep the paper print area parallel to the edge of z65h sheet and reduce the chances of jamming.

The automatic head-alignment performed well, with there being no evidence of the banding commonly seen with mis-aligned heads. Normal text printing was reasonably fast but things from then on got worse, with a very slow best quality text mode performance. USB, power and network connections are lexmarkk at the rear. The print status window shows information on the remaining ink and can have its appearance changed through skins.

Testing this for the first time I have to admit I was impressed. Verdict The Z65n has features that will be useful to those starting out in inkjet printing. Using some ICI satin paper our standard test print showed the Z65 to be capable of producing fine details well but also exhibited poor levels of colour saturation with the print appearing dull.


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Lexmark Z65N Ink Cartridges

Login Join for Free. Here are some of the main features the Z65n offers. Also included is an automatic driver updater that connects to the Internet for the latest software. With printers available on the market such as the Canon S that turn out a colour photo in a z56n of the time it takes the Z65, things don’t look good.

Lexmark Z65N Ink Cartridges

There are commonly used procedures in the ‘I want to’ menu and you have the option to save settings. The details in the darkest areas of this image were shown well but the print lacked the photo-quality feel of the Canon S print. Can’t access your account?

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However despite Lexmarks claims to the contrary, I do not feel this is a printer suitable for ‘Photography buffs’.