I first caught a glimpse of the C at 3GSM in February and while the device was appealing, the big news was the new MioMap v3 software v1 was Destinator and v2 Navigon developed “in house”. You need to tap the Lock button Page 22 to return the zoom control to SmartZoom. Turn on or off the night colours manually to override the automatic colour scheme switching. Any news would be apprecieated! Use the arrows on the right to browse through the list and tap any line to highlight it. After that, the highlight remains on the item you have selected.

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Miomap USA & Canada, GPS Maps for Mio PNDs

By pressing ‘print’ button you mipmap print only current page. You enter the module at Level 3. This field is only displayed when navigating a route. Tap anywhere to toggle between the enabled and disabled status. When you open it manually, it will remain until you close it or switch to another screen.

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Display modes ,iomap different only in the number of events displayed in the list. Groups with a blue icon are displayed; groups with a grey icon are hidden. Page 14 4 Discovering the program through muomap screensThe best way to discover MioMap is to explore each screen in detail, and to find outhow to move from one to another. The list item coming next in navigation is the highlighted one until you highlight another one by tapping.


It lets you select a destination without first miomxp locate it on the map. If the track is not visible, an underscore character is shown here. Tap the icon again to enter Overview mode. Page of 80 Go. The Itinerary is live and constantly updated when navigating a route. Plan et Index Le Glossaire. The Settings screen can be accessed directly from the Main menu screen Main menu and from the map screens by using the battery icon Page 25whilesome of its sub-screens are accessible from other parts of the program.

Mmiomap 55 some digits of its postcode, then select from the list of results automatically given bythe program if the matching items can be displayed on one page, or displayed onmore pages if you tap Done after entering some letters. The warning for proximity and speeding is the same as for the fixed cameras. Read this chapter for a guided tour.

When it is displayed, the function is enabled.

Tap the button to toggle between the two states. Tap this icon to switch to North-up mode.


Using The Find Menu automatically. Tapping it will re-enable Lock-to-Position. Please look below for an explanationif you are unfamiliar with some of them. Tap anywhere totoggle between the enabled and disabled status.

Route Line When you mionap the screen, all fields contain information on reaching your final destination. When you open the screen, all fields contain information on reaching your final destination. Enter text from picture: Your manual moimap to upload Page 9 2 General informationMioMap is a navigation system optimised for in-car use. The GPS receiver uses satellite signals to calculate its your position.

Selecting North-up, the map remains oriented to have North toward the top. The description of these modes will come later in this manual. You can change between day and night views miiomap in the Quick Menu Page36 or let MioMap do it automatically Page 64 for you. The Zoom function is used to change the scale of the map. To get animmediate alternative route use the Bypass function of Recalculate Page