So as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the driver or software itself. It allows you to load new songs, but after loading there is no sound. HP Compaq tc Procesor: Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 5: If you are using a cracked copy then this could cause a number of problems with your system which would be difficult, if not impossible to resolve. I have not tryed the yet – but most reports we’ve been getting about it are not favorable. Once scanning for new devices gives back midi control.

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We’d recommend replacing the BCD with something more reliable.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Vdj 8 with Behringer bcd

Regards Daz Posted Tue 19 Jul 11 8: Posted Mon 10 Sep 07 6: I believe this can be cured or reduced using the bcd control panel. Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 5: I managed to get things off the ground so to speak, the problem I now have is the set up I want to hear the music trough my speakers from my computers sound card and I want to moitor the separet tracks trough the BCD The main prblem i have it that the eq is unresposive can you advie a good way to set it up I have windows 7 64bit inturnal 5.

Posted Fri 29 Aug 14 2: I’ve tried messing around with the sound set up too, but with no success. Get latest mapper from VDJ support eg.: Then go to the sound setup menu and select the BCD in the soundcard menu.


If you are using VDJ7 pro then I would suggest you register this software on the forum. If so which version do I need, and where can I get it?

It crashes, i have VirtualDJ good configured. I just joined the community so i’d like to introduce me before. If you are using an out-of-date version, then this may be part of the problem, especially if it is an illegal cracked version If this is the case, then your friend should support the software and its future development by purchasing it. Akitsuna Home user Member since We both play on the same set, i’m just doing the analogue part, but right now i have the set at home so that’s why i’m the one who uses it.

Everything you need to do setup wise is in the VDJ user manual and Wiki so please take the time to read through and follow the detailed instructions. Try and provide as much information as you can.

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Posted Mon virtal Sep 07 6: Segal28 Home user Member since hi friend thankls for the reply. I don’t know if It was very clear, any questions are welcome.

And guess what, launching Vdj and connecting the bcd caused bluescreen! If that goes ok then rj into purchacing the full Pro version of VDJ as this is the only version that will allow the use of external controllers.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – bcd won’t work with virtualDj 7

Remember to register your new software. Buttonline, first run bcd control center as admin, second run Vdj as admin, and once you loose midicontrol rescan for midi devices in Vdj or switch the bcd off and on again, but do not disconnect and reconnect as this doesn’t seem to work Hope this helps you also, greetz Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 3: If you still have any problems feel free to ask. What am I doing wrong? Anyway, i still have no idea if it’s a cracked verson or not, but it says virtual dj pro, so cracked or not, it should allow the bcd to work.


Ben Posted Wed 11 Jan 12 4: A selection of popular hardware can be found on our hardware page: What I did to get the bcd to work with win7 and Vdj was to launch the bcd control center as admin and after that launch Vdj as admin also.

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But, after 5 minutes working the software hangs up. Make sure you have installed the driver software for your controller.

Posted Mon 10 Sep 07 Go to the config menu, select Mappers and check that your controller is shown. But with vdj8 I can’t find how to access the bcd control panel. Using a borowed, possibly cracked copy will not help you.