Posted 06 April – Just got one in the mail for review. A very solid club and highly recommended for mid to low handicappers. Will be taking it apart if necessary and CPM it to the ramge at Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Relatively fast fairways for my part of the world. I’m planning to have a range sessin tomorrow and then I have 3 rounds planned for next week so that should give me enough time to give a decent enough review.

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Bridgestone J33R Love it. Displaying 1 – 10 of bridgestlne reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 Paginate right. I started months ago with the J33 Forged Combo Irons, added the matching 56 and bridgewtone degree wedges, then several J33 hybrids of various lofts, the J33 3 and 5 wood and finally the J33R driver.

I ain’t no big hitter and I’ve said this a few times. The J33 driver has great feel, look, and performance.

Relatively fast fairways for my part of the world. I have a J33R 9. Then I bought a Hi-bore.

Bridgestone J33R 460 Review and Fitting Info

I think they make an excellent product and the fact that they aren’t as big a name as the Titleists, Taylor Mades, and Pings of the world means you can get them at very good prices. Several functions may not work.


I never lost a drive so far right that I was out of the hole, and didn’t hook a single drive. Go try one out and you will see what I saying. Its my gamer so that’s the highest compliment I can give Test this driver with any cc and see for yourself what it will do and with so little effort. London, Canada Ebay ID: I have already sold the J33R NV65 combo.

In sum, a great looking pear shape classic head that is nice and deep faced, and wonderfully bridgetsone and thwacky feeling I has to be neutrally weighted.

Bridgestone J33r * Driver Stiff Grafalloy Nano Fuse Right Hand Value | eBay

The dispersion was excellent. The hosel is also the fattest 0. You currently have javascript disabled. Sets up square at address. I found what I was looking for. Nice, solid, ‘whack’ sound at impact. It delivers j3r very hot, fast feeling of acceleration at impact, with the most satisfying feel and sound of any driver on the market today. Please log in to reply.


Overall I am very pleased with the performance and I believe it will stay in the bag for a while. I’ve forgotten my password.

It hides the cc extremely well from address. I;m not sure if my Diamana is the real deal or a made for Bridgestone Diamana but whatever it is, I am quite contented with it so far.


Here are some comparison Pics of the J33r and the Cleveland Comp the J33 is on the top and then on the left. I hit a power fade and had him by 11 yards.

Square face, deep face and looked great. Good swings are rewarded with bridgesfone, medium trajectory shots. It has a very pleasant sound to my ear at least. I love this club!