The Windows Experience Index shows a balanced configuration amongst the major components. The CPU will run only up to 2. Gains are not very significant as core temperatures will quickly reach nearly degrees C even at default Turbo Boost levels as detailed in our stress test section below. Stable system at 4. Note that the SATA slots can accept both 7 mm and 9. There can be up to a 10 degrees C difference between the coolest and warmest spots on the top surface of the notebook, which is quite a steep gradient for an idling system. In general, colors become less accurate the lower the saturation level, though only very minimally.

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An AC adaptor will be included in the sale and the laptop works perfectly from the mains. When compared to competing Heart of the Swarm Metro: This itself is noteworthy considering the power-hungry internals.

Clevo C Windows Vista/7 Drivers | Laptop Software

The battery holds charge. It has windows 8.

More refinements More refinements Extremely configurable with UHD resolution c480. Very large x 10 x 4 cm and heavy Watt power adapter. Battery recently replaced so holds good charge, also cleaned internally. Intel Core i5 6th Gen.


Shadow of Mordor PCMark 8 Work Accelerated.

With all CPU cores stressed, the iK can be observed operating at its maximum 4. We recommend checking out the Gigabyte P34W v3 to compare and contrast how an inadequate cooling system can affect gaming performance overtime. Font and images are extremely crisp as expected and we experienced no hardware issues regarding picture quality.

Any faster and the system will experience Watchdog errors. Surprisingly, fan noise is non-existent on Power Saver mode under typical processing conditions such as p playback or browsing. Delivery options see all. Stable base with small hinges. This is a perfect laptop for anyone looking lsn get a relatively new gaming laptop with the latest specs.

Clevo C4800 Service Manual: Removing The Wireless Lan Module

F1 is notable as it runs north of 60 FPS for one of the most crisp gaming experiences we’ve seen on a inch laptop yet. We ran our temperature test twice to double-check and sure enough ,an same phenomenon occurs vlevo both trials.


Operating System see all. Usually most scratches are on the outside of the laptop. Just when we thought we topped out our benchmark database with the Eurocom X8 a few months ago, along comes the Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme to set yet another record.

Removable 82 Whr battery. Rear becomes quite warm due to the two exhaust grilles. Guild Wars 2 Desktop CPU c48800 overclocking. Some minor scratches and marks related with age. Intel Core i7 6th Gen.

Not exactly meant for outdoor use. Unfortunately, this means quick accumulation of dust and fingerprints.

Very easily accessible internals with just a Philips screwdriver. Ckevo practice, the multiplier for all four active cores can only be adjusted MHz above the default 4.