Installing and Charging the Aivia M You just need to connect the base to a USB port and hit both parity buttons — on the base itself and on the mouse — to have the Aivia M properly working. I enjoy my mice like I enjoy my scotch. Aivia, an integrated acronymic word, is derived from its key features — advanced, intuitive, and versatile interface archetype. The mouse itself as I said in my intro feels quite different – again, as I explain to anyone using a mouse or keyboard, it’s a very personal thing. Friday, December 28,

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Installing and Charging the Aivia M Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. On the nose, there is a niche with a retractable cover for the USB cord so the Aivia M can operate as a wired mouse. Gigayte back to the saved profiles, you can set upto 5 profiles much like you can with the Aivia keyboard and these can be switched between using the forward thumb button on the right of the mouse body.

Gigabyte Aivia M Mouse Review – Hardware Secrets

It comes with 32KB of onboard memory which can be arranged in 5 different profiles that allow up to 70 macros. The mouse itself as I said in my intro feels quite different – again, as I explain to anyone using a mouse or keyboard, it’s a very personal thing.

Playing with the Aivia M Gigabyte have now paired up this keyboard with the Aivia M macro gaming mouse to penetrate into both sides of the gamers needs — a high performance keyboard and mouse. This is something that can of course be overlooked, as your hand is on top of the LEDs when in use.


It’s smooth, almost uncannily smooth. They can’t be accidentally pressed, but allow for DPI speed changes for different tasks.

GIGABYTE Officially Launches Aivia M Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse | News – GIGABYTE Global

Aivia M Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse comes with an instant charging dock, served as mouse and Li-ion battery charger as well as wireless receiver unit. I heard that some people have had problems with the wheel, have you noticed anything wrong with it?

That is one of the most surprising things about it, it doesn’t look like it would be smooth to move because of its sharp edges, but don’t be fooled – it’s smooth.

It is priced around dollars and gigbyte a great first step into the gaming market of mice for Aivia.

Aivia has employed the same design of the GUI from the K gaming keyboard. I’m quite picky with my scroll wheel and it’s one thing on the Mamba I didn’t like. Some are small, some are big, some people have large fingers, some have small. You have to turn the device upside down, hit a switch to eject the battery, retrieve it, and then put the new one in the slot.

Wired mode gigqbyte extra fast charging capabilities as well as enabling editing the onboard macros. The battery is housed on the other end and can be ejected by a button on the underside. I tried my Razer Vespula mousemat, my wooden table, gigabyge hand The mouse has a longitudinal symmetrical body with four lateral buttons, two on each side. Looking at the mouse we can certainly say that its clearly aimed at the gamer market and would certainly fit in well when paired with the Aivia gaming ggabyte.


Gigabyte Aivia M8600 Mouse Review

Because that’s about the only thing I didn’t like with the mouse. The series is to emphasize the combination of the subconscious, design and function as well as the pursuit of archetype. Best Time to Buy: Dual batteries are a great idea for those frantic gaming moments when you’re in the middle of an intense battle and go “oh crap, I need to plug in my charger into the front of my mouse so I can continue gaming”. This is the biggest plus for me. Of course, the mouse mat was the best, but that’s to be expected.

Next we have the scroll wheel; this thing is great! And you can also customize the scrolling speed for vertical and horizontal directions.

Gigabyte Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming Mouse Review: Page 4 of 6

Gamers usually shun wireless peripherals, always wary of a possible energy loss. There are 27 different colors to choose from including black for turning the LED off. Be Social with eTeknix.

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