However, to accumulate large numbers lots of ‘money’ usually requires an extraordinary effort of some kind, and even if one just steals it, there is stress and risk involved. Speakers are the primary source of distortion in the playback chain. Just not my cup of tea I guess. For fun, I want to re-enter the flea-watt world of Single Ended Triode amplification They also showed me how much more work was ahead to try and approach the novel neutrality of the Lowther America field-coil prototypes. Housing is made from pure iron, soft annealed in 19 hour process.

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That is where the DIY Open Baffle paradigm can be of enormous help to getting us closer to feld magic of what technology can do to recreate the life in recorded music, at least so far at this time. Martin’s extremely honest rendering of his experience is particularly refreshing.

BTW, the horn is really crappy. The question then is what tweeter will work with it from 2kHz upwards? I am looking for as-simple-as-possible ‘solution’, even if it means not approaching the highest possible musical magic possible.

6moons audio reviews: Feastrex and Lowther drivers in DIY open baffles

FC driver Nonlinearities, posted on July 8, at I know I sound like a broken record but the Beta 12LTA goes to another level when you cut out the dust cap and add a phase plug. Baffle cutout drawings can be provided as well if needed. These drivers were mounted on simple rectangular slabs, but the sound was miraculous.


In my Lowther OB systems, shout has never been an issue.

I believe the former is paper which contributes to its pleasant sound. My living room wood floor was a real problem for me compared to the concrete floor in my sound rooms at my industrial site. Call with questions It’s also supprisingly efficient.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

The Feastrex’s midrange delineation sounded as though life-sized marble replicas foil vocalists and instruments had been placed in appropriate positions behind the baffles. Poultrygeist Full Member Posts: Logged versus rider Jr. Now if FC was combined with coll monitoring and control maybe some form coio DSP to adjust itself to different cabinets, rooms, amplifiers listening tastes of end user etc In the end, the OB format is something even the least inclined woodworker can enjoy experimenting with at home.

They have 2 versions of their own OB designs: As I said they are almost as good as my three way, my three way having the edge in the bass which is to be expected with 15″ drivers moving more air than an 8″.

I’m sure that a low-distortion field-coil speaker could be made, but I would feel equally confident claiming that there’s a lot more to designing a low-distortion driver than simply using a field-coil as the magnet.


The strange part of this is that even if the pricier driver does do that for us, one gets used to the ‘shock of the losther very quickly, causing an increasing and continuous demand for ever more ‘shocking’ new experiences.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

Of course not even they are perfect. There is also the role music plays in dance, infusing movement with powerful drive. I collect vintage so have FCs about.

Shindo Latours – field coil 2. I’ll surmise that their frequency response pretty much follows that of the PM7a. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. In my particular system I used a pair of power supplies set to 9.

You’re not likely to find that with lowthet dome. Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon. While all of these can be crossed fairly low under normal SPL’s, the Dayton will cross even lower and sound similar to the Usher it’s OEM’d by the same.

Once a tweeter is used, there are necessarily complications Steve Schell gave me the genesis of the following explanation. I want to use a pair of full-range wide range drivers that are close to 99 db sensitive.