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Email Required, but never shown. Is it even possible? August 4, at 4: JPG plz can you help tx. Steam scalds the dogcows of developers. I will have to try this sometime: Please try using above method depending on which graphics card you have and report back results! Already have an account?

Also, my Mac has 4GB of ram and plenty of disk space. You will need another compatible mac support and you will have to do some hard drive switching. Posted June 5, April 21, at Steve Moser 5, 18 64 There was nountain an article in the Articles section of the web site. You do have to run the cmd-v from a cold boot to get the originating code.


No, Mountain Lion requires bit graphics drivers and mac formatted drivers don’t exist for the graphics in the early White MacBook. Must be x31000 way to recoup the monetary losses on their joke of a OS Lion. I want to know the difference between your machine and the mine one. You want it so bad? At least some of the Macs that are not supported running Mountain Lion likely could run the operating system without difficulty had Apple simply not removed support for bit EFIs as well as written graphics drivers to support the hardware.

Mountain Lion update page confirms incompatibility with older Macs

I run the latest version of Firefox, iTunes, and other apps. It’s certainly a strange world where Microsoft provides better support for older Macs than Apple does. What was your experience with it?

You need the modified boot. Hopefully this will answer the question for me and anybody else out there withe the intel graphics. If it runs that well I mounttain Apple will wind up supporting them.


As noted elsewhere within EveryMac. I tried MLPostFactor but it continuously failed. Where there is a challenge, mountwin is a safe bet that hardworking hackers will rise to the occasion. Browse Search Lookup App. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

How to Hack Incompatible Macs to Run Mountain Lion:

March 8, at 6: The Mac Is Back! February 27, at 1: If you want to try this yourself, be prepared to get your hands dirty, and backup your Mac before beginning. April 25, at Enter your email address below:.